Sky Rocket wins again at the Cambridge Raceway workouts

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Three-year-old Sky Rocket has won his second race in a row at the Cambridge workouts.

The bay colt, trained by Kyle Marshall Racing, has had three raceday starts, and was rested in October.

Driven by trainer Kyle Marshall, Sky Rocket settled in the trail but then took the lead from Miss You Bromac down the straight on the first time round.

The colt held his lead and then stayed in front down the final straight, outlasting Miss You Bromac and Tuhoe Warrior.

Sky Rocket also won at the workouts on February 18.

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Cambridge workouts on February 25, 2023

Non-Winners Mobile Pace, 2200m

  1. Sky Rocket (Kyle Marshall)
  2. Miss You Bromac
  3. Tuhoe Warrior

Margins: 1/2 length, 1/2 length
Times: Mile Rate: 2-04.4 Last 800m: 57.7 Last 400m: 28.1


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